FAMILY LAW – Relationship breakdowns & your options

Relationship breakdowns can be very traumatic. It is vital that you obtain early reliable advice. We assist you to move forward with your life in a sympathetic and sensible fashion. Maryanne Ofner, is an experienced accredited family law specialist.


Maryanne Ofner assists clients resolve issues surrounding relationship breakdown without litigation if possible by using mediation, counselling and other collaborative options. This minimises expense and reduces acrimony.

At times, a firm litigated approach is required. Maryanne is able to effectively prepare the evidence required and source appropriate barristers if necessary to ensure that your rights are safeguarded. We can act swiftly should circumstances arise that need urgent action such as when there is a dissipation of assets or a threatened abduction of a child.

Each case is unique and is considered individually. What is appropriate for one set of circumstances may not suit another. Maryanne will identify the options for you so you can proceed in the most cost effective, expedient fashion.


Preventative measures are increasingly important. Maryanne is able to advise on and draft financial agreements prior to and during the marriage which have the effect of eliminating uncertainty and litigation should the relationship break down.

Our firm can help you with the following areas of family law:-