More time to get pools safe before selling or leasing

More time to get pools safe before selling or leasing

Apr 27, 2014

You need to have a pool compliance certificate before you can sell or lease your property. This legislation was due to commence on 29/4/14 but has been extended by 12 months.
So from April 29 2015, all properties with a backyard swimming pool or spa that are sold or leased will need to have a valid swimming pool compliance certificate. This additional twelve months provides property owners with more time to ensure that their swimming pool is compliant before their property is sold or leased.

To organise an inspection for your backyard swimming pool or spa, you need to contact your local council or accredited certifier. Once a compliance certificate is issued it is valid for three years.

For information on the things to look out for when checking your pool, you can refer to the checklist on the swimming pool register. These things include:

  • Does the gate close by itself from any position?
  • Are there objects or trees close to the pool fence that children could use to gain access into the pool area?
  • Is there a resuscitation sign displayed?

By this time, however, whether compliant or not, your pool should be registered with the Council. Fines of up to $2,200 apply for failure to register a swimming pool. See NSW Government Swimming Pool Register.

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